Just like we wear sunglasses to be able to see through scorching hot days, we have a variety of glasses that we use to adjust our sight, so it wouldn’t disturb our normal state.

I realized that we reject anything that tries to change our state- if it’s too happy, we find a way to make it feel normal, if it’s too sad, we find a way to try to make it feel tolerable. But the thing is that life events aren’t sun rays, you don’t get to block them to see better. Life events are reasons for something that still will happen or a change you need to go through.

Please don’t wear your “I’m flawless” glasses next time someone tries to talk you out of a bad habit, and don’t wear your “I don’t care” glasses when you’re breaking on the inside. You don’t have to wear your “I’m happy” glasses when you can’t find anything to be grateful about, and you don’t have to wear your “I’m broken” glasses when something that should be painful to you happens but for some reason, it doesn’t trigger sadness inside you.

It is okay for things to happen, it is okay for changes to take part in your life for better, or for worse. What’s not okay is being too fearful of change- that you hold on for your life like you’re clutching on the roller coaster safety bars, when you could be waving your hands in the air and closing your eyes and just trying for one moment….for one simple moment to be free, to let life happen to you. Be human, because trying to be anything else will always be a total failure!

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