Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Fall in love with the path of deep healing. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself but with patience, with compassion and respect to your own journey.


Many of us are brainwashed by society to love ourselves only conditionally by assessing our worth based on our achievements like getting admitted into a prestigious university, getting the partner of our dreams, getting promoted at work, and anything that is considered “important enough”.

Our achievements act as a catalyst, this mindset makes us a part of the rat race- trying to achieve things so we can get the respect and approval of others.

In our lives, most of us prioritize relationships that we have with our friends, family, and romantic partners. We make these people the centre of our universe and we’re available at the drop of a hat if a loved one needs us. What if we started making ourselves as important as the other people in our lives instead of putting our own needs on the back burner?!

Don’t misunderstand me. To love yourself doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant or egotistical. You don’t have to compare yourself with others in order to feel good enough. It also doesn’t mean putting yourself first at the expense of others. It’s not always about getting your way neither is it about always winning.

To love yourself is to be in awe of the miracle of your existence. It’s to accept yourself the way you are– both the good side and the bad side. It is to be willing to receive as much as you’re willing to give and do both equally. It’s about knowing your boundaries and values and honoring them. It’s about teaching others how to treat you by showing them how you treat yourself. It’s about being kind to yourself and looking after your body, mind, and spirit.


Now that we’ve pointed out what self-love is, the next question would be “How do I love myself?” and if you probably already love yourself, the question would be “How can I love myself more today?”

Let me help you! Let’s juggle memories. It was only recently, some 3 months ago, that I wished I was someone else. I compared myself with another person and felt I wasn’t good enough. I basically hated the life I lived cause I thought it sucked. But then my therapist told me that I was just being human and I should get to know my shadow and come to terms with it. She said I should rather accept myself for who I am and in whatever situation I am.

And that made me ponder, instead of focusing on all the negative things in our lives like our fears and failures, why don’t we just love ourselves even with all of that?! We should embrace and love our past so we can enjoy the present, cope with what cannot be changed.

Likewise, you deserve the highest level of self-love. Learn to love yourself unconditionally. Accept yourself and catch yourself doing good. Love the good and what’s not, can be improved as well. If you can’t love yourself, it’ll be hard for you to love others.

Think about it. There is nobody in the world that can be a better you than you. Nobody can love you more than you can love yourself apart from God. Nobody can make you feel any less without your approval. You alone hold the key to the gate of your heart and you can either let others weaken it or strengthen it.

So why don’t you devote the rest of this year to love yourself more?!


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