‘Shallow’ is a duet song by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga that was featured in the soundtrack of the 2018 romantic drama film- ‘A Star Is Born’. The song is written by Andrew Wyatt, Anthony Rossomando, Mark Ronson, and Stefani Germanotta (popularly known as Lada Gaga).

The story in the film revolves around Cooper (Jackson Maine), who portrays a famous country-rock singer and Lady Gaga (Ally)- a waitress and songwriter aspiring to become a professional singer. After Jackson meets Ally and they get talking about their music interests, Ally sings a small part of the song to him. Jackson recognizes her work and motivates Ally, helps build her confidence ultimately leading her to fame.

The music was one of the reasons this film won praise, commercial, and critical acclaim worldwide. ‘Shallow’ won the Best Original Song at the Academy Awards, two Grammy awards for 2019’s Best Song Written for Visual Media and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, a BAFTA Award for Best Original Film Music, a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song amongst many other awards.

‘Shallow’ is a stunning song, filmed like a real concert- in front of a live audience, where Jackson sings the first verse and Ally sings her part after he invites her onstage, giving her a big break- a formal launch to her musical career amid thousands of fans.

The song shapes up as a deep conversation between the singers connecting to check on the others’ life, struggles, well-being and sharing their own concerns, turmoils, as well as expectations from life.

Watch the song here sharing the clippings from the film. You would feel the rush in emotions with the gripping music and their power-packed vocal performances!

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