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When I close my eyes I’m with you,
when I open my eyes I miss you.
The feel of your fingers,
still linger on my skin.
Blissful sin in every form,
when you’re with me, I am reborn.
Stoke the fire all night,
when you’re with me, everything seems bright.
Two bodies entwined-
pure lust, no lies.
Next to me is where you belong,
distance has never felt so wrong.
Two people bound tightly by feelings alone;
we’re two lovers, one home.
You left a whisper in my ear,
the words faded, but I still hear.
Your hand brushed mine,
fingerprints frozen in time.
I’d wait nine hours just to see you,
my love could never leave you.
Call me an addict, but the rehabs are full,
all I want are my nine hours of fuel.
Every time you whisper my name over the phone,
you turn my heart of stone into a heart of flesh!

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