“Tickets for three please”, she said to the attendant. All this while she feigned ignorance, putting her best act, as though she hadn’t noticed my presence.

“Well played”, I thought to myself with a crooked smile lighting up my face. “She just won’t let anyone know that I am the only one who gets to take her home”, I said to myself.

She was my girl, my lady, my woman, my muse. Her secret safe place my arms were, her unknown rendezvous any day, every day.

If she thought she was going to play the game of silent flirt with me….well, she had another thing coming.

I walked up to the ticket stand, the ride was almost full. For a moment I lost sight of her, in her company of friends but she was one goldfish that could never be hidden from my eyes. Even in the dark, I recognized her with ease. Her graceful steps stood her out from the crowd.

Up and down, and up and down went the pirate ship ride. Screams roared in the air, shouts of excitement. Or were they shrieks in terror?

None of that concerned me. I just wanted it to be over. It felt like an eternity waiting. The stench of vomit oozed through the air, no thanks to the light-headed pirate ship riders who made their way down.

“Where was she going?” I asked myself.

She had left alone somehow finding a way to ditch the girls. Of course, where else would she be going, she must have grown tired of the pretence.

She walked out of the park into the night without glancing back…not even once. She must have known she had someone trailing behind her, watching her back, following her lead…her guardian angel- Me!

GREG RAKOZY xxxx xxxxx
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