She always chose to stay composed and calm until one day she felt it was time she took a stance. She did no wrong, she only wanted to show why she was right, but she was rude and sounded unpleasant. She was angry- it wasn’t exactly her day, she was overwhelmed, she had behaved totally unlike herself.

Realizing that she could have handled the situation better- in guilt, she explained to her husband on his return. He sensed her need for vindication. She seemed visibly shaken and upset with herself. He walked up to her, embraced and comforted her- “I understand, I am with you…always; in all that you do, the right and the wrong”, he said.

These few words were reassuring enough for her to gain her lost morale, she smiled even as tears rolled down her cheeks, firming up her mind that she would never cease to carry herself with grace and due decorum!



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