‘I Warned Myself’ is a single by American singer, songwriter, and producer- Charles Otto Puth Jr. (aka Charlie Puth), released in August 2019. The song is co-written and produced by Charlie with Benny Blanco.

In the song, Charlie expresses that he was wary all along in his relationship, he knew it was unwise to trust, and yet pursued only to be dejected over and over again. He realizes his folly, but being in love and unable to withhold his emotions- even when he knows it’s a slippery slope, he craves for her and is willing to take chances. He repeats through the song, “I warned myself that I shouldn’t play with fire, but I can tell that I’ll do it one more time”. He goes on to share words that question her loyalty, lamenting that she lacked honesty, kept him in the dark about the presence of another man, had her secrets, and lied to him.

Charlie in his smooth and captivating vocals is impressive in this song about grief coming from a heartbreak. Fans speculated that this song was about a personal life experience he had.

Charlie revealed, “I Warned Myself is about a vicious cycle of going back to someone continuously, knowing deep down that they aren’t any good for you.”

Watch the song here..

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