Every year on June 5th we celebrate environment day. Destruction of forests was our deep concern ten years ago, leaving the rivers in a very pitiable condition. Today, we experience environmental threat in our homes and surroundings. We leave behind a lot of waste and make our surroundings pollute. Manufacturing plastic goods and its use causes great harm to our environment. Burning of plastic covers, extensive use of bottles filled with mineral water, disposable glasses and plates is included at environmental pollution such as air, sound and water. In other terms, it’s caused extensively due to lack of care and ignorance.

Today, the most beautiful chemical substance called “PLASTIC” has earned world acclaim. Plastic is weightless, it can be moulded into any shape, any size and takes any colour. It can be melted and made as new and does not perish for many long years. Now, it’s almost impossible for us to live without plastic. These useful and beneficial aspects of plastic have made it an enemy of mankind at large. Plastic goods have been banned in various countries due to the severe problems caused by it in nature.

The name “PLASTIC” is made from the Greek word “PLASTIKOS” meaning to say that it can be moulded into any size and colour. The hydrocarbon atom in petroleum joins together to form plastic, the very same atom that we find in wood and in coal, but with a difference. The hydrocarbon atom formed singly is artificially joined to form a big chain. These chains are called Polymers. They do not perish. This unperishable quality makes it most dreadful to mankind, the distinctive character has now made it a villain.

Any product perishes and decomposes after a period of time. But what about plastic? They accumulate and settle in the soil in the various layers of the earth. Can it be burnt then?? Well, plastic is even more problematic when it’s burnt. Ordinary plastic is harmful but the plastic that’s burning is even more dangerous. Our atmosphere becomes polluted and poisonous gases are created forcing us to breathe impure oxygen. Plastic is equally harmful both on land and in water. Aquatic animals are misted by plastic. They consume plastic objects as their prey and die in large numbers. It’s problematic in water as well.

The use of plastic should be discontinued. First and foremost, plastic should not be littered in our home and our surroundings. It should neither be burnt nor allowed to decay in soil and inside other living organisms.

Reduce, Reuse, Renew, Recycle.

Following these 4R concepts on plastic will significantly help to gain control over the plastic havoc. Thus the harmful effects of plastic can be overcome to a great extent. Dangers against the environment and its pollution can be restricted, only when we start from the grass-root level.

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  1. We ALWAYS buy the cardboard alternative if it’s available. From laundry detergent to cream cheese, the plastic options are just senseless. Cardboard breaks down quickly, but it too means we have to cut down trees so growing what we can and making more of our own things is a main focus for my family.

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