There was a time,
I considered myself privileged on this Earth,
because in contrast to her single moon, I had seven.

Her powerless moon forced a reputation
all by the charm of Mother Nature,
while mine were the cause of my shine.

I had never desired anything better-
neither did I have any big wishes,
nor did I long for milk and honey.

I desired living every second to the fullest,
taking baby steps to reach satisfaction,
to grasp merriment with them by my side.

I was gullible, I believed in perfection.
The forest of my dreams that took us years to grow,
got caught in the flames of fate, differences- just in a fit of pique.

All it took was a night for the stars,
to tread on my fantasies, my dreams-
my want for shedding tears of pain and joy together had gone with the wind.

I stand here now in the midst of ashes- staring at the quiet sky,
seeking dependence from the same dependent moon,
that I forgot owned the greatest gift of eternity!



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