We often go hard on ourselves when we realize that we’re not where we want to be, for whatever reason. We don’t blame the cracks in the road, or the storms that caused us to trip, we only blame ourselves.

The thing is, the concept of blaming should be erased from our souls. Finding anything positive in the fact that you can have something to blame your failure on is in fact a negative thing. It is fine to admit failing, for whatever reason, and it is fine to not have a reason too.

The only thing that is far from okay is beating yourself up from being the opposite of what you want to be. We all want to be positive, but being negative about feeling negative has nothing to do with being positive…you get me? The fact that you want to be something, is admitting that you aren’t, and this is where the journey begins. You collect quotes about what you want, you read stories, you experience events, until you become it.

Everything that lasts is a product of a constant, slow process. So don’t rush to be, tread slowly, absorb everything you see on the path…you will get there when you’re meant to get there!

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