‘Run for Your Life’ is a song by The Seige- Los Angeles based electric hip hop band. The band members duo, James Taz Conley (a rapper), and Riley Goon Taylor (a producer) are music fanatics coming from different lines of work. Having a common interest in music, both collaborated to form ‘The Seige’ and have grabbed people’s attention since 2015.

Run For Your Life, written by Taz Conley with music given by Riley Taylor and William Keesh, was released on April 3, 2018. The track featured in one of the episodes of the series Cloak and Dagger before it got featured on the original soundtrack of season 2 of the series. Besides this show, it has made it into several shows- Deadliest Catch, All American, and many more. Taz and Taylor are both health enthusiasts who push their own limits and hope to inspire others to do the same, their music clearly reflects their vision. Many of their songs are used by their fans during their exercise regimes. Run For Your Life is no different being one of the most favoured songs for workouts in gymnasiums. A few months ago, a well known Bollywood actor- Hrithik Roshan, used this song in a workout video sharing a complete transformation in his body, getting many of his fans to look up the song and the artists. Electronic Arts play has also featured this song.

This song is high on motivation, full of positivity and energy. Its encouraging lyrics and sharp vocals will push you to make the move you have been deferring all along, the music is offbeat and aggressive. So if you feel unmotivated listen to this pounding track that will help you step up your game!

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