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let’s get drenched in the season’s first rain.
I will grab your arms,
and take you to the little garden over my place.
Let’s linger in the pour,
for a little longer than usual.
I’ll show you those tiny beads transfiguring
into silver strings of happiness.
Hey, can you see those champak flowers?
Those flowers would tell me stories all along the summer,
and I used to tell them all those things we’ve been through.
Oh, they know for sure that we’ll come by.
I know it’s chilly and we’re quivering,
but this is the rain I’ve always waited for.
Have you ever waited for such a rain?

Now come,
let’s sit on this stone bench for a while.
As rain hits the pavement,
we can still hold back for sometime,
and look at those puddles getting filled.
Can you still hear those rain birds dancing in the rain?
Let’s close our eyes
and listen to their music for a little longer.
I always wanted this day to come by-
you with me, and this rain.
I can run my fingers on your bare skin
and feel those goosebumps gifted by the chilly wind.

Can you come with me to this place for the next rain?
I wanna taste this petrichor with you,
again and again.
We can hold our hands,
and dwell in the showers forever.
Hey, now don’t go for a while.
Let’s hold these moments for a little longer
and save it for a next time,
until we meet again!



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