What would you change about the world if you had the power? The answer to that question for most of us would be anything between making the world a more beautiful, kind and a better place in any way we can; but isn’t it peculiar that all of us would agree on this one answer and while we are the ones causing it, at the same time we are also suffering from it?

Whenever I scroll through social media I always find posts related to appreciating kind gestures, and hugs, and prioritising the ones that actually care about us, but in real life, none of that happens. People wish of things they think would make their lives better, but they’re waiting for it to be done to them but what about also doing things for others? And that’s where comes the real problem; things don’t just happen to you, your actions attract the colours that colour everything around you. A black and white life doesn’t mean you’re surrounded by black and white hearts, it means you weren’t fluid enough to get the colours inside you and start colouring outside the lines, because that’s how you get what you want, you give it.

For the world to be a better place we don’t need superpowers or only wishes, we need actions. Everyone needs to receive love, and what people become when they receive love will never fail to amaze you. So don’t prioritise receiving, prioritise giving!

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