Shivers shoot down my spine,
how we lost count of time.
Fingers tracing fine lines-
stumbling to the edge,
I tumble out of bed at nine.
Two humans flawed by design,
error is indeed divine.

I resign myself
to the fact that I am destined to lose sleep over you,
and never wake up to you,
yet I fumble for my phone at nine.
Your phone chimes at nine,
but you decline.
Loving me is your favorite pastime,
loving you is my job- full time.
Is this a sign?
You were online…just a few minutes ago,
but it’s been nine weeks
since I heard you speak.

I guess in the meantime,
I’ll try to get my head together,
I knew it wouldn’t last forever.
I usually joke to mask my pain,
but there’s no punchline this time.
I underline the time we spent together in my mind,
nine times nine- a moment in time, when you were all mine!



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