How familiar we are with darkness can be quite surprising at times. You sit there and wonder how someone that looks so alive can actually be so melancholic. I believe that this darkness is what sets the right contrast for us to see clearly. But our role doesn’t end there, we don’t just survive and walk away. The real process begins after the survival.

How we talk about it, which flashbacks we choose to have at 12 a.m., and the choices we make with the lessons we’ve learned is what really matters. It’s what decides how many times life will teach us the same lesson until we toughen up, view ourselves as humans who have to go through failures to fill our souls with the experience needed to keep going, instead of viewing ourselves as helpless victims who get hurt a lot.

Let me tell you something I believe in. I believe in the power of our minds, I believe that the type of thoughts we choose is what’s in control of our mental health, and I believe that we have a choice, we are in control. We all survive, but not everyone learns the lessons and lets them affect the upcoming life choices, and that’s what we all need to do- not let the fear of what we know to be left behind.

If life taught us one thing, it’s that the flowers in the vase wilt only to be replaced by more beautiful ones. So let’s allow ourselves to bloom, and to do that, we’ve got to let ourselves die first!

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