Dear Comrade,

I know your life hasn’t been great lately. You don’t have anything good to talk about. Everything that you thought about your life went the other way.

Just when you started to give “love” another chance to come and dwell in your life, you realised that it was a luxury that you couldn’t afford to have. Yes. You cried. Others may have thought that it was a folly but it was normal to cry over a heartbreak.

When you fell in love with someone, you left the most intimate part of yours open- your soul. You allowed someone to integrate her soul, deep into yours but little did you know that she’d leave. She left, and when she did so, she left deep scars. You cried, cried really bitter. So much, that your pillow got drenched. Not a night passed when you didn’t miss her but she’d gone, gone far away. Yet, every day, you displayed the audacity to get out of your bed and face the harsh world with a smile.

Just when you had started to smile, you lost the reason and yet, you pretended to be happy. You shelled yourself from the world that was on its paws to attack you on the emotional front. You saw how people could be cruel sometimes. It’s not that they were always like that. Situations made them what they were. And yet you showed the courage to help others when you, yourself, were in the need for help.

You showed great character by staying patient and calm and composed. Yes. You went out of the line in the beginning but then, you started to learn to live with yourself. You started to learn to live with a person who had shown great spirit.

Just stay the way you are. Stay strong. This life isn’t going to be easy, Comrade!

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