Look at what we have become around this time. All we know is from the little information we get from our surroundings. It is tough to accept the reality when we feel threatened about our lives. There is a lot on hold for everyone.

Getting anxious, feeling depressed and low is normal, it is fine, it is okay. It is also understandable if you feel it is not okay. Whatever little helps you and me, to calm down and get through these times.

Days are going by. A lot has been happening- some days I just turn off the news, devices and simply pass the day like there is nothing left for me to do, some days I just sit in front of my computer through the day and night, binge-watching some series, sometimes I sit and talk to with old friends, some of whom I didn’t even talk to much, before. It is like a dream come true in a way.

But, the anxiety of not being able to work on my dream, my future plans, scares me. I can put the little efforts I can. But no amount of hard work seems to be effective. And then I feel it’s okay to delay my plans because the situation is challenging, it is okay to keep some things on hold, things that don’t need immediate attention.

It is stupid when I talk to myself, say it is okay and then say it is not okay. It is stupid to feel bad when people are out there trying their best to survive and help others as much as they can, while the most I can do is sit at home. I feel like I am dreading for life now.

All the thoughts, each and every thought, the confusion, the vulnerability are all in me. I am old enough to not talk like this. Yet, here I am trying to overcome those innocent, little, confused thoughts. I hope those who feel the same are trying their best to accept that we have got to Change, Like Never Before!

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