‘Carry You’ by Ruelle featuring Fleurie was released in March 2018. The song was written by Lauren (aka Fleurie), MaggieEckford (aka Ruelle), and Matt Broleewe.

It is a song encompassing one’s feelings around hard and hurtful times. And we all go through such times, so perhaps we can all relate to ‘Carry You’.

When you are all broken and darkness clouds your life, you yearn for a ray of light, someone who can help you, coz you are tired and just can’t take the weight of your sorrow anymore. This song makes a plea in the words, “Is anybody out there? Can you lead me to the light? Is anybody out there? Tell me it’ll all be alright..”, hoping someone reaches out to you and says “You are not alone. I’ve been here the whole time singing you a song, I will carry you, I will carry you..”

The lyrics are beautiful and reassuring. The song is deep. While it is about sadness, it is overwhelmingly calming in some way. It expresses just how sorrow can pull us all down, that we may not be willing to continue our fight in life anymore, and also that it is for us to reach out to the ones in pain, uplift them, lead them to light and make them believe in the goodness in this world.

A beautifully shot, scenic video, blissful and cinematic- perhaps just what was needed to add perfection to the message in the song, ‘Carry You’ could really carry you away for some moments from your worries and wounds.

Watch Ruelle and Fleurie in this magical rendition here…

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