I always thought moments were infinite, no matter how big or small they were. A moment can embrace you until you become nothing, or shun you with all of its details.

And that’s why some memories never go away, no matter how hard you try to scrub them off your brain, and also that’s why feelings are so difficult to ignore. The sadness looks so tiny- it barely might exist a year from now, but now, it feels so huge like it might run you out of breath. The spark may fade months from now, but right now, it won’t stop until it reignites every inch of your body, until you believe in love again.

This is why you can’t blame a person for what he/ she feels, for a reason that appears controllable to you. There may be a billion other reasons for why the person behaves that way. We all are perfectly capable of understanding, but we don’t want to.

You love a person from his last words, but you didn’t stick around to see what lead him to say those exact words before dying. I guess more people than we think could relate to Bartok’s last words “The sad thing is that I leave with so much to say” or Frank Sinatra’s “I’m losing it”.

Listen to words before they turn to last ones, believe in the infinity of this moment, everything is bigger than it seems!

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