‘Chances’ is a single by America’s renowned boy band- Backstreet Boys. The band was formed in 1993, and in their journey of over two and a half decades, their music and its style have evolved. Over this period they have also grabbed many awards, and the dedication and love from all their fans make the Backstreet Boys, the best selling boy band of all time.

‘Chances’ was officially made available for digital download and streaming on November 9, 2018. Having had no releases in five years, this was their second single released in 2018. Quite naturally fans were thrilled with these releases and waiting for the launch of the album-DNA, which was finally released in 2019.

The song has been written by Casey Cathleen Smith, Fiona Beaven, Ryan B Tedder, Shawn Mendes, Geoff Warburton, Scott Harris, and Zachary Skelton.

Chances is primarily a song about that one moment that can change everything; a love song- something with real concerns, people who fall in love have; from finding love, to thinking about their love interests, to imagining themselves in places and situations, to pondering in different scenarios of the chances they might have.

The song was filmed at a train station with a young man and woman grabbing each other’s interest and attention, illustrating their hope and imagining a perfect life with each other.

It is a catchy chorus, with harmonious vocals, lovely lyrics and a modern feel to the video. The melody and the lyrics build up as the relationship builds in the song.

Totally worth the wait for their fans, this song shows there is no stopping this veteran boy band which has resurfaced with renewed energy.

Watch the ever-loving boys make their charming presence through the song here…

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