Say You Won’t Let Go- James Arthur

‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ by James Andrew Arthur was co-written by Steven Solomon and Neil Richard Ormandy. The song was released on September 9, 2016.

Arthur wrote the song taking some inspiration from his personal life and some from the imagination of peoples’ lives, their relationships, and their journeys with their partners.

Arthur sings the story of love, starting from how it all began when he met her and his feelings ever since. He wishes to pamper her and assures her of his commitment, dedication, and love- for her, and the family they raise. He thinks of his life and times ahead with her, wanting her to stay with him until the end of this life and thereafter- eternity like it’s never the end.

There is a certain depth in his voice and this simple guitar lead ballad lends an honest feeling which is why this is still appreciated and loved by many. Also, most people relate well with this song because that’s what everyone longs and dreams for- an everlasting love, a soulful life with the one they love.

Watch this magical love song here…

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