Not every human trait is humane. Humans envy, humans destroy, humans deceive, humans hurt, and humans can be possessive; and the mistake each and everyone of us make is accepting our mistake, giving ourselves a pat on the back even if we ruin somebody else’s day as long as that somebody isn’t us. One of our faults is that we think we’re too right, or old, or strong to apologize.

I never understood people’s fear in apologizing, or admitting they’re mistaken; what is there to lose in making an apology? The satisfaction of not giving up on your opinion? Or the attitude that you’ll never be the one to admit missing the other person?

I want to shout this to the world…if you were cruel enough to hurt someone, be strong enough to reach out to them in their darkness and save them. If you were caring enough to love someone, be sensitive enough to not run away when there is a misunderstanding. If you choose to communicate with humans, be humane.

Every day is a closer count down to the end. So don’t be a fire that people desire to put out, be a flame that brings warmth to the little world around you. People need you just as much as you need them. Don’t be afraid to take the first step, you’ll be surprised how far one kind gesture can go!

GREG RAKOZY xxxx xxxxx
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