Have been home in these days of quarantine, and amid all the chaos, I finally got to look at my handbag. Sigh!

I carry most of my things in my handbag, rather my handbag carries me- comb for messy hair, lip balm to soften my lips before I soften my words, a hair tie to get a grip of my hair, thread & needle and safety pins to sew those ends, napkins or tissues to hide tears, pills to kill that shallow pain, ID cards- some I got by simply being born and some I earned, and money- the thing that makes the world go round and makes some things go around me.

While my bag hangs on my shoulders, some take a look at the brand name to evaluate it, and some look at me as they look at the brand name to judge and evaluate me.

For now, my handbag is laying around lifeless without me and I am laying around lifeless without it. Hope it all gets over soon and we flip back to life- my handbag carries my things, yeah, my handbag actually carries me!


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  1. Very clever writing!😊

    1. rachana@babblingscribble says:

      Thank you girl

    2. That’s ok!😊

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