‘Time’ is a song by Onuka- an electro-folk band of Ukrainian origin that was created in 2013. The band was named Onuka (the Ukrainian word for “granddaughter”) to acknowledge and honor the lead singer Nata Zhizhchenko’s grandfather Oleksandr Shlionchyk- a renowned folk instrument maker.

Time, released in May 2014, was written by Eugene Filatov, one of the band members of Onuka.

Onuka, having showcased its unique art in music, has conquered many hearts worldover ever since it was founded. Its strength lies in the creation of fusion between Ukrainian folk instruments and electronic music.

Time is a song with deep meaning in the lyrics and catchy electronic beats playing much in the background. The song is evoking yet calming.

Here’s the Official Video of ‘Time’…

Another rendition of this beautiful song can be seen in the live performance at October Palace in Kyiv. This performance took place on May 13, 2017, where 14 songs in all (including Time), were performed. Onuka can be seen performing with musicians from the Ukrainian National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments (NAONI).

NAONI was created in 1969, and ever since its underlying goal was playing Ukrainian instrumental folk music. The orchestra encourages young and budding musicians to play folk instruments. What started as an ensemble of seasoned folk musicians is now an orchestra of young academically educated professionals.

Viktor Hutsal- the artistic director and chief conductor, at 75, is the oldest of its members. He can be seen conducting the music at The October Palace.

Take a look at the live performance of some of Onuka’s most applauded and recognized songs- Svitanok, Look, When I Met You, Animal, Don’t Fly Away, etc., at The October Palace, Kyiv here…

The performance highlighted how folk instruments can be used in tandem with modern electronic music. Onuka and NAONI had the audience gripped in this enchanting show- a great blend of culture and modernity.

Music truly doesn’t hold any boundaries.

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