My stray,
I promise not to push you away again.
I’m sorry, I was selfish.
I apologize, I was confused.
I know that you’re not good for me,
yet I love you more than I love nicotine.

Yes, my timing is horrifically poor,
but my heart soars out of my chest
and collapses at your front door;
it crashes to the ground
and splashes out endless summer memories.
Our love has seen eternities rise and fall.
Toxic delirium is our youth serum.

My nocturnal wolf delights in secrets,
known only to the divine.
He dashes through the city streets-
a lightning bolt of fright.
He collides with a puff of smoke,
draining him of all hope.
I wish upon his falling heart,
although nothing can fix me.
My wolf changes ever so slightly,
to mask his pain.
He suffers silently in his stride,
his eyes mirror the currents of the tide.
It is up to me to fix him.

My stray and I breathe in fire,
we allow our anger to lead us.
We know better, than to let smoke defeat us.
We are stronger when we are tied together,
bound by desire, coal and iron!

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