I wake up and I decide it’ll be a ‘Me-Day’. I won’t let any thoughts pull me down, and I won’t let my love for them make me stumble.

I walk through the streets and admire the potential behind all of these strange faces. Time passes, and it almost feels like I’m untouched, like I’ve never been scared or read before. It almost feels like I’m lighter, more alive.

Then I head back home and I tell myself I won’t, but I do it- I hold my phone, but hate the fact that it’s the only way you can reach me, but love the feeling I get when you try to, and I receive everyone’s attention, but I only notice not having yours, and it hurts, I tell myself it doesn’t but it does, I tell myself I don’t care but I do.

Maybe I’ll never receive it, maybe the wrong time and place are the keywords to my life, maybe I should notice what I am to the ones I love and stop searching for what I may be to the ones I’m trying to keep. Or maybe I shouldn’t try to keep anyone.

You’ll keep on not coming, and I’ll keep on not reaching out, and maybe that’s all we’ll ever be- a great story that’s waiting in the upper shelf of a perfect writer’s mind…possible, but always a second option!

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