Thoughts of the Earth


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I am the life I create.
I love nature whole-heartedly, I see no reason to hate.
All things are made in time, nothing is ever late.
Destruction upon destruction, homo sapiens bring us nothing but shame.

From decade to decade, century to century, I am drained.
But to them it does not matter, I am “renewable” they say.
Man takes and keeps taking, not one memory I have, in which they give.
Resources…they use up, and even their fellow men…they slay!

GREG RAKOZY xxxx xxxxx


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  1. oh so true- very powerful and we must change for the better thank you for this

    1. jay@jaytherealbigfoot says:

      Tnx to u too…am glad someone can relate

  2. ashok says:

    Beautiful thoughts Jay 💕🙏

    1. jay@jaytherealbigfoot says:

      Thank u

    2. ashok says:

      My pleasure 😊

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