“We Don’t Talk Anymore” is a song produced by American singer- Charlie Otto Puth, featuring Selena Marie Gomez. This song, written by Charlie, Selena and Jacob Kasher, made it to the top charts soon after its release in May 2016.

Puth put words together and had the guitar lined up for this song in Tokyo- Japan, in his hotel room. And the following day, he produced the beat in the Philippines. The song idea came to Charlie from a friend who was madly in love with a girl and the next time he met this friend and enquired about her, he shared that he had a break-up and that they don’t talk anymore.

Subsequently, he played the song for Selena Gomez and asked her, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you sang the second verse?”, to which she agreed, and her vocals were recorded in a quick 15 minutes in Puth’s closet. Their vocals synchronized to perfection and the international beat to it added to its glory.

This song narrates the pain after separation when two people, deeply in love, obsessed with each break-up. While both seemingly try to lead normal, happy lives, they still look back, think about each other and miss the old times. They think they have moved on, having found new companions, without realizing that some part of them still secretly loves the other even now, longs to connect again, but backs out. Perhaps they are both slowly attempting to wake up to the truth that they don’t talk anymore and that things have changed.

If you have ever been heartbroken, you would know just how it feels and would be able to relate with this song, perhaps why these words struck a chord with many people across the world. The song reiterates the challenges at the end of a relationship when you feel the void as communication breaks down.

Watch it here…

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