My modern leprosy is being alone,
as layer after layer peels away leaving me exposed.
My skin is gone, my flesh is gone,
I’m down to my bones.

The darkened skies hear my whispers,
destruction is my home.
The sounds echo through the distraught lands,
as I surrender everything my hands hold.

No one told me that I would have to live with this affliction,
in addiction, pain and panic.
We are plagued- controlled by our ailments,
We are only frail elements of time.

Our scars align like constellations in our darkened sky.
I can’t repair my despair,
I’m trapped in this state of mind.
Find me and remind me of the person that I used to be.

My eyes are wild, they scan our lands for peace.
Heartbeat after heartbeat, my anguish still reigns.
I cannot distinguish fact from fiction,
due to my affliction.

Alas…the ruler of the lands shall declare me sickly,
Oh please help me find a cure!



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