I soared high and above,
towards the night sky,
it felt so calm and serene,
away from the noise.

I mingled with owl hoots,
and flittermouse echoes
bathing in the silver moonlight,
and playful winking of that innocent shining star.

I mingled with the cold, fresh and clean air,
my lungs heaved a sigh of relief.
I roamed within the clouds,
with no shadow of doubt.

I smiled sleepily with the moon,
I talked about it’s wound.
Though no answer came,
I felt the moon exhale.

A tear rolled down my cheek
as I felt the desolation creep.
The moon hid behind a cloud,
as I murmured words of peace.

The nights turned bleak,
so I lurked there for weeks..but to no avail.
The moon wouldn’t hear what I had to say,
and I didn’t know how to express myself from miles away!

GREG RAKOZY xxxx xxxxx


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