• Sadness increases the urge to sleep more. The happier you are, less sleep is required for the functioning of an individual in everyday life.

  • If someone cries on little things, he/she is innocent and soft-hearted.

  • Being ignored by someone whose attention means the world to you creates the worst feeling.

  • Having someone ask you “are you okay?” actually causes you to tear up even more when you’re trying not to cry.

  • People who sleep with multiple pillows are often lonely and depressed.

  • Your mind rewrites monotonous speech of boring people to make it sound more interesting.

  • Thinking about progress will motivate you.

  • Our subconscious mind often knows what’s better for us before our conscious mind understands it. Hence decisions based on intuition or instinct will often reap better results.

  • You know too much Psychology, when you can’t get mad because you understand everyone’s reasons for doing everything.
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