Sometimes I space out- all the voices around me turn to misapprehended languages trying to invade the bubble I form around me, but the bubble turns glass thick, and the voices walk away. And in moments like these, I really see what I never knew I was looking for.

I see that friend who tries so hard to cover the worst feelings inside a coat of jokes, I see that friend who tries to smile but isn’t feeling it, I see that friend who tries too hard to be likeable but I see bits of his insecurity start to appear. Then I wonder. I wonder what would happen if everyone took a moment to themselves, like me, and noticed instead of trying to be noticed. What would happen if that friend with the bad jokes noticed she was hurting people? What would happen if that quiet friend noticed his presence was special? I have a feeling they’d change to be better, once they felt more confident and assured.

Today, on a normal ride back home, I took a moment and realised the sky was really beautiful seen from that road. But if I hadn’t spaced out, if I hadn’t given myself a break from the tiny things, I wouldn’t have noticed something that breathtaking. So I wish. I wish everyone out there gives himself/ herself a chance to space out, to belong to the bigger picture instead of trying hard to fit inside the tiny details. I wish we’d start being kind to each other, and understanding. I wish we’d look at people the same way we’d look at the stars- all the shiny ones are beautiful, but all that you’re seeing are fragments of their deaths, and this perfectly fits us too.

Beautiful doesn’t mean alive, fast doesn’t mean right, and right isn’t meant to be still…forever. Take a moment, and change the little space around you. You can’t change the world, but you can inspire everyone to help do it!

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