Yes, I say why at all “give” rights to women? And rights for what? Have the women not been doing their kitchen chores for centuries? Have they not been cleaning up the house and preparing food for the entire household? Have they not done everything at the beck and call of the male members? Have they not suffered the pangs of birth?

So what are these rights for?
Yes, according to me, they did all these because of their total commitment to their families and to the society. It was their faith, commitment, devotion, selflessness, self eradication, contentment, feeling of satisfaction and above all humaneness. When all these values became their very being, they never thought of rights. When things went too far, they started realizing what was going wrong and where. So society…just to shut their mouths, doled out some concessions called “rights”. There we are! Let’s accept it, that the male members suddenly felt the need to dole out some concessions and brand it as compliance to “women’s rights”.

Only in humans, the gender difference is dominant. Look around Nature, we do not find such differences in other species. They are equal in their respective developmental and sharing processes.

And who are we to “give” rights to women. Have they lost any of them? They already have it in them, but it is nice on their parts that they are merely asking for rights. That shows how benevolent they are towards the other half of the population. Who are anyone to give rights to women? Are such persons the repository of all the rights to distribute some of them, as and when the situation demands? And who has granted this right to distribute rights to women?

We have eloquent inspirations from our ancestors’ wisdom. Just imagine the concept of Ardhanarishvara. Does He not symbolize the broad picture? He has not just “given” half of His body to Parvati. Both Shiva and Parvati are inherent in One and the only One. There is no concept of “give”or “take” here. It is about the state of being one.

And once we link our thoughts with this great concept, there will be no givers, no takers. It is all natural and bound on one single concept. We decipher them differently and choose to understand from what suits our interests. The moment we understand the truth in its perspective, we come to know the meaning of life!

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