“Ocean Eyes” is a love song by the American singer Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell, popularly known as Billie Eilish. The song was initially written and composed by songwriter and producer, Finneas O’Connell (Eilish’s brother), for his own band to perform. But once he finished writing, he thought it would sound really good if Billie lent her voice to it, so he taught it to her and let her record it. And the rest is history.

At her very young age of 14, Billie rose to stardom when she uploaded “Ocean Eyes” to SoundCloud in November 2015, and HillDilly- a music discovery site, shared it. She became an overnight sensation, much to her surprise and delight. In March 2016, an official video (shared below) was released.

Subsequently, a second video was released in November 2016, in which Billie performs a contemporary dance to the track. Take a look at it here….

“Ocean Eyes” is a song about longing in love. Billie draws comparison of the one she loves with an ocean- calm yet stormy. She uses the words “Burning cities, and napalm skies, fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes”, to express how much he can hold within his fiery ocean eyes- the vastness and the depth.

It is this magnanimity of his personality that pulls her helplessly towards him in a way that she is almost entranced. To an extent that she feels weak in front of him, emotionally. She fears falling more for him and drowning in the depth of his love and can’t seem to fall back out of him. The words “ocean eyes” are used through the song as a metaphor. She fondly sings these words to his passion, intensity and “diamond mind” i.e. a strong, unbreakable mind.

Billie Eilish is a ton of talent. With an angelic voice and the soft sways in her performance, the melodious tune and thoughtful lyrics “Ocean Eyes” is a relaxing sensation to flow with!

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