‘It’s Only’ is a song released in September 2014 by the American electronic music band, ODESZA. It is written by Zyra, Harrison Mills & Clayton Knight.

This song is a masterpiece- a beautiful rendition sharing historic events that happened when there was an absence of love. The video illustrates the recurrence of pain, cruelty, and betrayal right from the inception of humankind. It conveys a deeper meaning of the concept of life and love.

The lyrics are thought-provoking and magnificently cover the bright and dark sides in the entire universe.

“It’s only water, it’s only fire, it’s only love,
It’s only slaughter, we’re only liars, it’s only blood”

..plays over and over again, highlighting that what is true in the prominent elements of nature- fire and water, is also true in love, that they are all impermanent and ever-changing but the very basis of all that exists.

Zyra’s graceful and luxurious vocals, the offbeat music from ODESZA, Dan Brown’s magnificent cinematic visuals and presentation make this soundtrack compelling and addictive.

‘It’s Only’ is an ode to the human condition. It is a mirror of sorts for all of us that have structured and shaped this society from the beginning of time. There is much we should introspect and realize. This song leaves a heartbreaking yet inspiring message. Do watch, it will make you think!

The ODESZA VIP Remix version that gained popularity is shared below..

And lastly, watch the phenomenal live performance at the WaMu Theatre by ODESZA..

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  1. We’re only crying, we’re only dying, we’re only dead…. It’s both an audible representative of our current collective reality, and personal experience absorbing the reality around us.

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