My life
is like a night sky,
full of brilliant stars.
Below, everything is shadow,
but above, light shines-
something beautiful,
a gleam that will never end.
I know,
it is through the darkness
that I see the light.
Even though I can’t see in front of me,
I look up, and the light lasts.
So with life.

My life
is like a raging,
uncontrollable thunderstorm.
The blinding rain and the wind
that lays everything low-
something terrifying and beautiful,
that never seems to end.
I don’t know,
if I will make it through,
or lose my grip.
But if I can learn to dance
beneath the driving rain,
even while the storm lasts, joy lives.
So with life.

My life
is like the most stunning sunset.
The gorgeous colors
streaked across the sky
mean that something beautiful
is coming to an end.
Who knows
if tomorrow will be sunny
or stormy?
I can’t hold on to the beauty of the sunset,
but I can love it while it lasts.
So with life.

My life
is like a girl’s first romantic kiss.
Not planned, not practiced, not perfect-
but something beautiful,
you never want to end.
You know
that it is a gift,
simple yet profound,
offered with all the passion of a loving heart,
a love that will far outlast the kiss.
So with life!



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