The word freedom is stuck inside our minds. Everyone imagines a faraway island where the sun doesn’t die and love is contagious. But why is it just related to the imagination? Is it really that difficult to reach?

I look around myself, wherever I go. And I don’t see cages, but I see piercing gazes and ruthless tongues. We all want to be free, we all want to be confident, and beautiful, and wanted, but why does the cost have to be somebody else’s misery?

It’s not only you who stares at his/her body for an hour before finding the right emotion to face the world with, and that emotion varies from person to person. Some like feeling smart, some like to look sexy, some would like feeling desired while someone else likes feeling young. The one common thing is that the feeling changes everything you are; from the music you like to the colours you wear, to the walk you walk. And nobody has the right to take that from you, nobody has the right to make you walk back home feeling like a waste of space.

Sucking people’s happiness out was never the answer because sometimes you’re sucking the last drop of life they were holding on to. Being yourself was never an obstacle for everybody else. Search inside your eyes, maybe your soulmate is dressed in your least favourite colour, and you’re too!

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