‘A Sky Full of Stars’ is a song by the British rock band- Coldplay. Guy Berryman, Chris Martin, Jonathan Buckland and William Champion- the band members, co-wrote the song with Tim Bergling (popularly known as Avicii). There are mixed shades of love, happiness, fear, sadness, vulnerability and hope in the lyrics.

The song was released in May 2014 and the music video was filmed and released in June 2014. The video is offbeat, beginning with Coldplay’s lead singer- Chris Martin (dressed as a one-man band), sing, march and move happily through the streets greeting cheerful fans who gradually join in, walk along, dance and video record him on their phones. The music and his pitch pick up, as Martin joins other band members who are also dressed in similar outfits. They continue to sing and walk and at the end we see them all play the final part together amid a crowd of fans with paper-made stars blown into the air.

The band had announced and invited people to be a part of the video by tweeting a few days before they were to shoot for it in Sydney. 250 fans made it into the video and the band thanked them all through a tweet after they finished shooting.

There is a warm and joyful feel to this song with so many smiles, colors and happy people being a part of the video. The song possesses an energy of life and unconditional love, both, in the lyrics, and in the video. Quite naturally it earned positive reviews from critics as well as fans and made it to the top charts in many countries. This lively and lovely song, with pounding electronics and its danceable flavor, will pep you up, make you sing and dance along!

The Official audio version is given below :

And yet another cover by The Piano Guys….

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