Often times in life we find ourselves faced with situations we’d much rather not like to face. Maybe it’s the weight of reality crushing our bones, or maybe it’s the thought of all of the things we didn’t do that smothers us.

Either way, we’re faced with anxiety. I have a theory, and I’m going to share it with you. Maybe the key to unlocking our freedom is to unlearn everything we know. That old adage which tells us that “Ignorance is bliss” might actually be true.

Now, I’m obviously exaggerating when I say unlearn everything. But I am firmly of the opinion that we should unlearn every hurtful thing everyone has ever told us about ourselves, or everything unpleasant taught to us. And if we do that, we’d be able to take on the world in our own way.

For some of us, taking on the world is like passing an exam, for some, it’s turning our backs on hurtful people, and for some, it’s being able to do the very things that everyone told us we couldn’t.

If we unlearn all of the negative things, we’ll have abilities that we never thought we could have. We are under no obligation to honor someone else’s poor perspective of who we are.

Teach yourself who you are and walk within your newfound self!

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