Trace the city on the back of your hand,
the sky, the land and the sand.
Whisper your secrets to the wind,
watch them travel through the skyline and disappear.
We’ve been trying to find our way out of here.
Leave your flesh bereft on the sidewalk.

We’ve traveled the city in the dead of the night,
you were the fire that burnt bright.
I touched you,
you burnt my fingers,
the blistering pain still lingers.

Travel backwards through time,
until you find the place where we still hide.
We’ve been here for a while now,
Our secrets stay trapped beneath the pavements.

Learning to trust,
as blood rushes through my veins,
this distance is driving me insane.
The sound of us is like lightning.
Amidst our storm,
we’re the only ones who hear the city roar.

Travel forward to find me.
The labyrinth of my mind is my mistress,
so kind- she tells me to leave.
Now there’s nothing left to hear,
I think we finally found our way out of here.

Silence found us to bind us together.
Tug a little harder, unravel me again.
We were built to fall apart from the start!

GREG RAKOZY xxxx xxxxx
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