Autopilot is a song by an Irish rock band- Kodaline, written collectively by the band members Stephen Joseph Garrigan, Vincent Thomas May and Mark Daniel Prendergast. It was released in February 2015.

The song was written keeping in mind one of Mark’s friend who was suffering from depression. Through the song, the singer tries to step into the world of this friend who is going through a rough time and tries to feel things just the way he does. He feels the void and in an effort to prevent his friend from further pain, he suggests him to find ways to step back and find where and how he lost control. He sees his friend snapped in autopilot and it hurts him to see him leading a monotonous life that lacked enthusiasm. He tries his best to be there for him, help him through, find relief from this pain and restore his life.

The words in this song were put together in a hotel room while the band members were touring in America. From the stuff they found in their hotel room, they created a rhythm so raw by banging cups together and shaking a cup with little coins into it. At the time of re-recording this song, at the production stage, a lot of original sounds that Jay and Mark created in the hotel room were used. A choir from Birmingham gave the song a cool, gospel vibe.

Everything put together, ‘Autopilot’ turned out really well making the band members proud of this creation. If you are going through challenges in your life, Autopilot will make you think and move you. A very powerful song with gripping music and beautiful lyrics, and most importantly, the thought behind the song will touch you!

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