“Let It Go”- the three words that have managed to become the slogan of my life. As irritating as it is, I can’t help but wonder what happens when we let go?

We know what happens to material objects. You throw away your old pair of shoes and it’s gone. Someone else will probably find it and take it.

We know what happens when we let certain people out of our lives. It’s simple, they’re out.

What happens when we let go of emotions? Will I ever be able to neatly box up my anxiety and take it to the nearest charity store? Will I ever be able to throw my depression into the dustbin? Will I ever be able to give my love a new home in someone else’s heart?

What happens when we let go of memories? Can I put my worst memory into a refuse bag and leave it on the side of the road? Is it that simple to just let go?

What is there to do? Should I sing ‘Let It Go’ at the top of my lungs? Will that help me let go of anything? How much more ridiculous can this insinuation of letting go get? What’s next? Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Once you encourage someone to let go of something, you alter their entire life. Maybe if you hadn’t thrown out those nice heels, you’d be able to get ready in time for your date without changing your outfit five times and ruining your hair. Maybe you shouldn’t have thrown out those jeans that were two sizes too big or too small, because now your weight has fluctuated.

Maybe you shouldn’t be boxing up your emotions.

Maybe you shouldn’t let go of love.

Maybe all of the things we’re going through are simply a part of life. Not to be let go of, not to be pushed away, not to be ashamed of; but to be part of the people we will one day become!

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