‘Smiling When I Die’ by Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Sasha Sloan (a.k.a. Alexandra Artourovna Yatchenko) was co-written by King Henry and released in September 2019.

This single is about living in the moment, making joyful memories so that there are no regrets when you look back later in life. It should make us all ponder, coz we all think we will live later when we don’t have problems, so we focus on other things we deem more important at that time. And for most of us, that time never comes and we feel apologetic for not having realized it well in time and leading mediocre lives. So while everyone dies, not everyone really lives.

“I can’t stop writing songs lately that are about the big picture. I wrote this song called “Smiling When I Die” which is about wanting to be smiling when I die, literally. I wanna do everything and see everything.” said Sasha.

The video is aesthetic and effortlessly pleasing as she smiles through the song driving, looking out, walking along looking at and enjoying everything beautiful in Nature. It is nostalgic with a warm sweet vibe that will pep you up and make you smile.

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