Do you comprehend the poetry of life and admire abstract beauty? Do historic abodes make you feel nostalgic? Would you love driving on one of the best roads? Would you prefer a halt somewhere en route to admire the migratory birds?
If your answer is ‘Yes’ to all of the above, then “Dholavira” is well within reach.

This ancient engineering marvel awaits you at the extreme West of the Great Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, India. Unique and seamless are two perfect words to depict the journey to arrive at this smart city of the past.


Anytime between October and March, you could take a flight to Ahmedabad. A 360 km memorable road trip will lead you to Dholavira. You could also pick the closer Bhuj airport (250 km away), which is also the nearest railway station with government buses plying, if you are looking for budget options.

You must plan your visit during the full moon, as the sight of the never ending white desert under the bright moonlight presents an astonishing view of nature. I was fortunate to witness the total lunar eclipse- the “super moon”, here in the clear skies.

If you are planning a short vacation, covering Dholavira is possible in two days once you arrive at the nearest airport. If you are looking for a 5-6 nights tour package, then you could include Ahmedabad, Nal Sarovar, Modhera Sun Temple for a perfect mix.  Alternatively, you could consider Bhuj, Bhujodi- the village of artisans, Mandvi beach and The Tent city at Dhordo in Kutch. For more information, watch the video given below..

The bristling abundance of nature’s beauty, age-old culture, frills of music, dance and celebration, reflect the grandeur of Kutch. I am sure you will not be able to resist yourself from bright and colourful traditional textiles, ornaments and handicrafts.


Do take into consideration that Dholavira has limited ATMs, mobile phone coverage and stay choices. It is wise to plan upfront, book in advance, carry enough cash, woolens, eatables, drinking water and your vehicle fuel topped up to have a memorable and hassle-free trip. Gujarat Tourism website offers all the necessary information so you could plan as apt for you.

Whichever way you plan it, let me now give an insight about Dholavira. This ancient settlement will not only narrate a lesson of social studies, but also is a class of technology and management.  The little known Harappan site is a marvelous example of township planning, oldest water conservation & distribution system, mathematical & astronomical precision and much more.


If you are a student of life, this is the place for you. If you are travelling with your children, this would make a beautiful trip coalesced with learning. The ruins and adjoining archaeological museum must be visited along with a trained guide for the best experience.

The journey to the prehistoric, ultra-modern city of Dholavira has abundance of joy, rustic beauty, wisdom, skills and warmth of hospitality altogether. It is just a few steps away to be rediscovered by you. And trust me, you will take countless halts on your way to capture the reminiscences it offers!

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  1. I am intrigued by History and Ancient Civilizations. Dholavira is quite unexplored, maybe due to it’s locational disadvantage.
    Your photographs are awesome. Would try to explore Dholavira the next time I am in Gujarat.
    Thank you Sir for sharing.. 🙂

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