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The ones that left-
left such an impactful effect.
A lot remained unchanged,
yet nothing remained the same.

Their smiles still illuminate,
bringing in a tear or two.
My laughs to me now seem fake,
only those tears seem true.

Their words ring in every time,
in challenges, and in happiness.
When facing challenges I feel upbeat,
but happiness now feels incomplete.

Their presence I feel around,
I talk to them for peace.
Or else life is only a slippery slope,
that the rustic polish with grease.

And while I am not a loner,
having other people in my life;
to cherish moments with these souls,
I long to be alone.

I look for them in my space.
For they feel like my true world,
with them I am cozy and curled.
For they ease in holding the rope,
by sending timely strength and hope.
For time seems to speed,
when their memories begin to knead.
For they are the ones that have left,
but they stay by my side,
and guard me as I rest!


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