‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ features on the soundtrack of ‘Five Feet Apart’- a 2019 film, as its theme song. Subsequently, it was released as the lead single for Andy Grammer’s album Naive. In addition to Andy Grammer, Bram Inscore, Jacob Torrey and Sam Farrar contributed in writing this song.

In the film both, the lead duo, are cystic fibrosis patients at the same hospital, where they eventually fall in love. Despite being advised to stay at least ‘Five Feet Apart’ at all times keeping their health in view, and even without the element of touch, their connection deepens and they try to have a relationship.

Since the lyrics seemed apt for the storyline in the film, Andy lent this song to the movie for a cause. So a part of the proceeds was donated to a non-profit organization that offers support to children and families affected by cystic fibrosis.

Andy’s primary sentiment behind this song when it was written (even before the song was lent to the film) was to express the narrator’s undying willingness and resolve to remain present with someone and/ or with self when faced with challenges, even if it meant breaking the rules.

Since we all go through trying times in our lives, this song is totally relatable and will touch your heart in more ways than one. It also enables a different perspective on life.

In his pinned comment at the time, he posted the song on YouTube in February 2019, Andy Grammer beautifully sums up the sentiment behind this song in his words,

“My journey in music has staggering highs and lows. I have seasons where I feel like I can’t miss, where I feel quite literally invincible. Then there are seasons where I wonder if I will ever write anything true or special again, whether I have anything to offer, whether I have simply fooled everyone up to this point. I am a positive guy but that just means that I go to war with my head when these doubts attack. The smile is often a smile through some sort of intense struggle. This is normal. This is everyone. If you hear this song and it inspires you to not give up on someone or better yet yourself I am with you. I am vulnerable, weak, unsure, while also being stubborn, hopeful, and optimistic. It’s a package deal. Keep telling me in the comments someone you haven’t given up on. Reading these comments is feeding my soul.”

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