Here’s Christmas- celebrated by billions of people around the world every year on 25th December as the day Jesus Christ was born, a day that brings a lot of pomp and positivity. People get merry, meet and greet, exchange goodies in sweets and gifts with near and dear ones.

Celebrations begin much before Christmas by decorating homes with stars and lights, Christmas trees and a Crib. A large number of people attend the Midnight Mass which is held on the night of Christmas Eve. People bake cakes and sing carols to welcome Jesus Christ. Happy smiles and delightful vibes add more color to the festival. Families feast together with delicacies and revel through their holiday. Kids dress in their finest and are in high spirits on this day awaiting gifts in all excitement from their dear Santa. The legendary St. Nicholas, popularly referred as Santa Claus- the man wearing a red robe, with a long white beard, carrying a huge sack on his back, singing Ho Ho Ho is the epitome of giving.

Children believe that if they have been well-behaved, Santa comes down the chimney and fills their stockings or boots with presents or leaves them around the Christmas tree. In fact, there is more than a century-old tradition of writing fancy letters to Santa. Every year thousands of letters are written to Santa listing good deeds in anticipation of gifts.

This year, the child in me got writing, my first ever letter to Santa. Here it is…

“Dear Santa,

Hope you are doing well. I understand you must be very busy around this time spreading joy and happiness, the way you always do. But I couldn’t hold myself from writing to you, so please spare a few minutes.

I often hear that we should write to you about all the goodness we do, coz Santa gifts people who have been good. But I know you keep a watch on us so you know it all.

I want to be honest and share that I am an average person with a lot of flaws. I am going through a transitionary phase, so while I have consciously made some changes for the better, there are times I have not been as good as I could have been. Perhaps I could have done better or maybe more. I realize, I strive when I reason with myself.

I want you to help me become more compassionate, kind, helpful and giving so I can be at peace. Every time you see me losing vision, I want you to remind me that I need to see the bigger picture and lead me to my goal. I want you to help me hold my reactions when they are adverse. I want you to look after my close ones who aren’t with me any longer. I want you to help me meet the people I long to meet.

I want to see everyone happy and I want to stay happy too. I want to enjoy the times I spend with loved ones, the beauty of smiles, the harmony in chirping birds, the sights in nature, glorious sunsets, the hues in the sky, raindrops hitting my face, a walk along the beach, shining stars and the moon, the quiet of the night and the freshness of an early morning. I know I am asking for a lot, but I’ll be happy with whatever comes my way.

Most importantly, I want to thank you for all the people you sent in my life. You have done a lot for me, every year, year after year. Thank you for everything. And sincere apologies for all the times I let you down. I hope and wish I can be the way you would like me to be.

In gratitude, always!”

I felt alleviated even while writing these words to Santa. I know there is a long way to go, but Santa cheers and motivates me, gives me hope that the world will be a better place someday.

May Santa bring you all that holds the best for you. And wish you all a Mighty and Merry Christmas in peace, love, and happiness!

GREG RAKOZY xxxx xxxxx
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