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Breathe is a 2016 song by Ari Staprans Leff known professionally as Lauv- an American singer, songwriter and record producer. The song is written by Lauv, Dallas Koehlke and Michael Mastosic.

The song was teased prior to its release by way of a tweet and another tweet with the lyrics in written art form followed a day before the song was officially released.

Breathe is about the emotional turmoil Lauv goes through at the end of his relationship. You could flow with the depth in this heart rending song in Lauv’s soft vocals just as his heart and soul overflow in emotions that blend with the calming melody.

Lauv recalls his good old times all through this ballad. They grew together in the relationship with him learning a lot from her. He contemplates in his struggle realizing that nothing can fix it now and even though she means more than the world to him, he needs to move on to find his own space and ‘Breathe’.

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