This single by a French native, Jeanne Galice popularly known as Jain- a singer and songwriter, was released in January 2016 on Jain’s official YouTube channel. It’s an arty tribute titled “Makeba” to honor the legendary Zenzile Miriam Makeba (a.k.a. Mama Africa)- an activist, who lead a crucial fight against racial discrimination in South Africa; and a revered singer, perhaps Africa’s first artist to popularize African music internationally back in the 1950s & 1960s.

Through the powerful lyrics, Jain lauds Miriam’s work for civil rights, her charisma at incredible performances and her strong aura of determination and joy. Jain has lent an amazing feel to the music by collaborating funky African tribal drum beats with snappy tunes and catchy vocals to make it addictive and a more chantant melody.

The stunning illusionary visions, Jain’s presence in soft sways, her thoughtful use of the colors black and white, African dancers of different age groups making groovy dance moves…each element in the video and everything else put together makes this track extraordinary.

This innovative musical dedication is like a reawakening, encouraging what Makeba stood for- rights, liberties, and equality!

Remix version of the same song is shared below..

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