‘Happy Now’ is a beautiful piece written by Norwegian DJ Kyrre Gorvell-Dahll a.k.a. Kygo and Alessandro Michele Cavazza, a Swedish singer and writer. The duo premiered “Happy Now” live at the iHeartRadio Music Festival- Las Vegas in September 2018, and officially released the song subsequently in October 2018.

Happy Now is about a loss, making you sense emotional vulnerability but yet the lyrics are hopeful and positive. The music is stunningly vibrant and uplifting and so is the video that gets you dive into Kygo’s journey from childhood to adulthood, an inside look at his life with his close ones. And who else but Kygo himself takes us through his trip in the first time ever he starred in his own music video.

Shot in and around the scenic Bergen and Hardanger, we see Kygo playing the piano, spend precious moments with family, traverse with friends- running through the woods, overlooking nature from mountain tops, driving through the city, looking pretty happy with life.

Though his love has gone and he has moved on to find happiness yet again, he genuinely cares about the happiness of his ex-lover, expressing hope that she too stays Happy Now.

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